Monday, 19 December 2011

Bonfire of the generals,the king of Wencleslas and Boris on the Euro-Monday's Papers;

The announcement of the death of the North Korea leader Kim Jong-iI comes too late for the Monday papers,which instead cover a variety of topics on their front pages.

The Guardian has a scoop reporting that over 700 top military posts are to be axed in what it calls bonfire of the generals.

A confidential document leaking to the paper says that the cull will include rear admirals, major generals and air vice-marshals, as well as scores of more junior officers, such as captains and colonels, and civilians of similar seniority as The Ministry of Defence has become so "top heavy" with senior ranking officers and civil servants.

The Independent leads with the news that Occupy London protesters are ready to leave St Paul's early next year in exchange for a scaled-down presence outside the cathedral and a "symbolic tent" within.

The news comes as a High Court challenge to evict the 150 or so camped demonstrators begins today.

The Times leads with a report from the Home Affairs Select Committee which says that MP's will challenge the use of water cannon or plastic bullets, saying that their use in the August riots that swept several English cities would have been inappropriate and dangerous.

The Guardian on the same topic reports that the Home Secretary has dismissed many of the findings of its survey into the riots arguing those involved in the trouble were an "unruly mob" who were "thieving, pure and simple".

Europe is the main topic for the Telegraph which reports that David Cameron will come under pressure today to resist demands to contribute more than £25 billion to a new eurozone bail-out.

Winter fuel folly is the Mail's top story as the paper reports that pensioners in sun spots including Spain, Cyprus, Portugal, Greece and Gibraltar receive £13.4million a year to help with the cost of heating, compared with £6.9million in 2006

The paper says that European finance ministers will aim to agree a new €200 billion loan to the International Monetary Fund as part of a deal to save the single currency.Three quarters of the money is expected to come from eurozone members, but Britain will also be asked to provide funds.

Meanwhile many papers report the remarks of Boris Johnson who yesterday declared that the euro will not last for another 12 months and that European leaders should abandon ‘hysterical’ efforts to ‘bubble gum’ the eurozone together and recognise that some countries have to drop out of the single currency.

The death of former Czech President Vaclav Havel is widely covered.He hated Communism with a passion, but it was the making of him says the Independent adding that he was a product of Prague's wealthy and cultured haute bourgeoisie, and without the Communist takeover of 1948 and all that followed he would probably have lived a life of charming bohemian privilege, a chip off the old block.

The good king of Wenceslas Square is how the Times describes him.He had been jailed for his beliefs, did not buckle, while society as a whole made its separate accommodation with the communist rulers.

Back to the UK and the Sun carries a rallying call from the Prime Minister who pledges to launch a personal crusade to make sure injured servicemen get the best medical care, housing and help to find new jobs.

The Express has discovered a magic slimming pill which switches off appetite without any side effects.

Ahead of Xmas,research by The Times has found that tens of thousands of people are at risk of becoming homeless and have appealed to their local councils for emergency help.

Samantha Cameron is breaking into Hollywood or at least Smythson for whom she works as a creative consultant reports the Independent.

Finally the Sun reveals that the showbiz world was reeling last night after kids' favourites The Krankies revealed they used to be secret swingers.

Panto veterans Ian and Janette Tough, both 64, confessed they each had a string of lovers in their '70s and '80s heyday and shared an "anywhere, anytime" attitude to sex says the paper

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