Sunday, 4 December 2011

Another one bites the dust as Cain throws in the hat

American's who are looking for a serious candidate to challenge Barack Obama next year must be getting rather worried as another Republican contender after a series of gaffes falls on his sword.

Former Pizza man Herman Cain who has been dogged by allegations of sexual malpractice and was caught out badly after being uncertain as to President policy towards Libya has decided to take a break.

Mr Cain says the Telegraph, was by turns defiant and emotional as he announced his decision.
"I am proof that a common man could lead this nation," he said, his lip trembling "I consider myself to be one of you, not one of the political elites."

In case you have lost count of exactly who is left in this contest.most analysts at the moment have former Congressional leader and scourge of Bill Clinton Newt Gingrich as being the favourite,although his past sexual indiscretions may well come back to haunt him before the campaign gets under way for real after Xmas.

Still in the race is that safe pair of hands,Mitt Romney who appears to be the candidate that nobody wants but who has a clean track record,apart from the fact that he is a Mormon.

With Texas governor Rick Perry dead in the water after his own contributions to gaffe gate,it appears that when the Iowa caucuses get underway in January it is going to be straight fight between Romney and Gingrich who has in recent weeks come from nowhere.

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