Sunday, 13 November 2011

Whistle blowers at the border agency,Silvio bows out,Blair compromised,and the mother in law from hell wedding-Sunday's papers

The problems of the UK's border agency return to the front pages.

The Sunday Times revealing a whistleblower who has lifted the lid on the chaos inside the Agency.

In a damning account from the front line ,says the paper, the worker has described how the agency is overwhelmed by the number of foreigners entering the country and lacks the resources to track asylum seekers.

The Sunday Telegraph meanwhile reveals that all but the most cursory checks were abandoned on passengers on British-registered coaches as they arrived at Dover and that the policy was in place for four years after being introduced when Labour was in power, but never disclosed to Parliament.

In Italy the end of the reign of Silvio Berlusconi gets much coverage.His scandal-ridden premiership ended in ignominy as he was forced to hide from a jeering crowd in Rome after handing in his resignation at a late-night meeting with President Giorgio Napolitano says the Observer

He,says the Independent, is the most high-profile head to be placed on the spikes of the present eurozone crisis, and is almost certain to be replaced by a former European commissioner who was appointed a lifetime senator a few days ago.

It though leads with news that David Cameron faces a revolt of business leaders, councils, environment campaigners and unions furious at his decision to cut funding for household solar energy.

In a letter seen by the paper,a coalition of 55 individuals and groups warns he will "strangle at birth" Britain's booming solar panel industry – threatening 25,000 jobs – by halving the state subsidy for the popular "feed-in tariff" scheme.

The Mail on Sunday turns its attention to the former Prime Minister,Tony Blair whom the paper claims has landed himself in a massive conflict of interest after one of his charities launched a bid to grab a slice of Britain's £8billion foreign aid budget.

To the tabloids and the People reports that Spurs manager Harry Rednapp is to satnd trial in January for alleged tax evasion.He is accused of hiding about £185,000 in a bank account in Monaco.

The Sunday Express claims the Queen is upset with Channel 4.It will be broadcasting a documentary this week which the paper says portrays the Royal Family as hard-hearted to the point of cruelty.

The Queen’s Hidden Cousins tells the story of Katherine and Nerissa Bowes-Lyon, the daughters of the late Queen Mother’s older brother John Bowes-Lyon.

Elsewhere the Sunday Times reports that George Osborne wants to harness vast sums of private sector money held by pension fund managers and insurance companies to fund a “wartime” infrastructure programme to boost the flagging recovery.

According to the Independent,the government has a plan to push one million workers out of the public sector by being shifted into mutual-style programmes based on the John Lewis model

David Cameron is facing a revolt over high speed rail according to the Telegraph when the final route of the £34 billion High Speed Rail link between London and Birmingham is confirmed within weeks.

The Observer claims that pressure is growing on the government to step in to protect the country's Sure Start children's centres amid confusion over the true scale of cuts being proposed around the country.

Both the Mirror and the Star have X-factor stories.The later claims Louis Walsh is ready to quit the panel, whilst the Sunday Mirror says last night's show descended into chaos last night as Amelia Lily was announced ­the winner of a public vote on an official website an hour BEFORE phone lines closed.

Finally you may remember the comments of mother in law Carolyn Bourne about the prospect of her son's bride to be?

The Mail on Sunday rerports from the wedding where those words from the now infamous ‘Mother-in-law from hell email’ seemed almost prophetic as Heidi Withers married Freddie Bourne in a £25,000 ceremony shrouded in the sort of secrecy usually reserved for the nuptials of Hollywood stars.

Perhaps unsurprisingly,says the paper, there was no sign of the woman ridiculed for the excoriating email she sent Heidi, the fiancee of her stepson, Charterhouse-educated Freddie, 29. She and her husband Edward, Freddie’s father, were not invited.

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