Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Thoughts on Google +-another Quora or will it save journalism?

I have I will admit,just starting using Google + and I will admit that I was cynical that it was just another new fangled way for us to share content and would go the way of Quora etc.

Another example of digital tool investment but nobody thinking about the content element maybe?

It would surely only be a matter of time before someone writes a piece on how it will save journalism,if that already hasn't been written.

Well two weeks into my experiment of posting and sharing I have yet to see any great benefits for me or my brand of journalism but I will give it more time.

Meanwhile I was sent this article which gives 10 reasons why it is better than Facebook.I very rarely use Facebook .

It tells me that + shows some real promise as a viable contender to Facebook including privacy,being more attractive to businesses and its versatility.

As I said,I am not going to pass judgement just yet but will give it more time and see whether I can build up a journalism brand on it

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