Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Theresa,Silvio and Cocozza-Wednesday's papers

The pressure is mounting on the Home Secretary Theresa May as the Telegraph reports that Brodie Clark, the senior civil servant at the heart of the scandal over relaxed passport checks, has made a direct attack on her, accusing the Home Secretary of misleading the public.

The paper says that he claimed that he had come under “pressure” from ministers to compromise security checks in order to reduce queues at airports.

Border chief goes to war says the Mail adding that Mr Clark will also lodge a potentially explosive employment tribunal claim for constructive dismissal, plunging Mrs May into a huge political storm over who is telling the truth.

Luckily for the Home Secretary Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi announced his resignation last night,knocking that story off many of the front pages.

He quits with a stab at treachery says the Times

it was not the sensational claims about his sex life that forced Mr Berlusconi from power but his inability to convince world leaders and financial markets that he could put Italy, with a public debt of 120 per cent of GDP, back on the path to growth.

Whilst the Guardian claims that opposition leaders were swift to warn that Berlusconi could be plotting to re-emerge

The Independent leads with news that most primaries and many secondaries face closure on 30 November day of action.

The paper reports that head teachers are to go on their first-ever national strike according to Russell Hobby, the general secretary of the National Association of Head Teachers (NAHT),in an interview with paper.

The trials and tribulations of celeb TV dominate the tabloids.Cocozza booted off X Factor after admitting: ‘I've been taking cocaine’ says the front page of the Mirror

The mop-haired rocker, 18, was heard by production staff boasting about his Saturday night romp with a blonde fan claims the Sun

According to the Express,sixteen shocking accounts of how vulnerable pensioners were left lying in their own filth, refused help with feeding and drinking and not given pain-relieving medicine have been made public.

Katherine Murphy, chief executive of the Patients Association, which compiled the disturbing dossier, said: “Enough is enough. Regulators need to be a lot tougher on hospital trusts who do not make decent and respectful care of the elderly a priority.

Elsewhere many of the papers report that UN’s nuclear watchdog,the International Atomic Energy Agency said for the first time last night that it has “credible” information that Iran has worked on the development of atomic weapons and “serious concerns” about its nuclear activities

The latest revelations coming out of News International also feature.The Guardian reports that a private detective Derek Webb, a former police officer,has claimed that the News of the World paid him to target more than 90 people, including Prince William, former attorney general Lord Goldsmith and Harry Potter actor Daniel Radcliffe's parents, over eight years until this July.

And as student protesters descend on London today,more than 4,000 police officers,says the Telegraph will be deployed in London as police aim to prevent a repeat of last year’s event when the Conservative Party headquarters in Millbank was attacked by protesters.

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