Friday, 25 November 2011

Sweaty palms at No 11 Downing Street

Faint hints of a U Turn at No 11.

Reading this morning's papers you might see the faint glimmer of hope that maybe the message is getting through that Plan A is not working.

First the Telegraph which tells us that Nick Clegg will be unveiling a £1billion scheme to pay half the wages of tens of thousands of unemployed teenagers in bid to tackle record number of young people out of work.

The scheme, says the Guardian, will subsidise 160,000 work places by providing £2,275 to any private-sector business willing to hire an unemployed 18- to 24-year-old.

The Independent which leads with news that a gloomy official forecast on jobs will be issued next week on the same day that the Chancellor delivers his Autumn Statement.

The paper says that the Office for Budget Responsibility to downgrade its previous prediction that public sector job cuts will be outweighed by a significant expansion in the private sector.

With the likely that capital projects are being rushed forward,it is possible that the coalition is finding that the bad medicin of unemployment to tackle debt eduction is simply not going to be palatble to the electorate for two long

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