Thursday, 24 November 2011

The McCann's,Green taxes,more problems in Europe and George Michael in hospital-Thursday's papers

The McCann's appearance in front of the Leveson committee is covered by most of the papers.The Guardian describes how the couple told of the ordeal they suffered at hands of the media and made an impassioned plea for press regulation.

The press made me want to climb into a hole says the Telegraph as Kate McCann described what happened when the News of the World “mentally raped” her by printing extracts from her diary, written immediately after Madeleine’s disappearance.

Both the Guardian and the Independent lead on the Middle East.

The former on Egypt where says the paper as casualties continue to mount,demonstrators continue to call for the country's military rulers to step down.

In the symbolic heart of the revolution, Tahrir Square, demonstrators were chanting the same slogans used 11 months ago, but this time directing them at the interim military ruler reports the paper.

The Independent meanwhile focuses on Libya where,says Patrick Cockburn,the winning anti-Gaddafi militia are not proving merciful.

"There is a deep and spreading frenzy, particularly among some of the youth militia and the Islamists, to hunt down anyone associated with the former regime,"

Further east in Yemen though,one ruler has stepped down.After 33 years
Yemen's Ali Abdullah Saleh came under unprecedented pressure from former allies before finally agreeing to step down reports the Telegraph.

The Telegraph leads with domestic issues as it reports the comments of Health Secretary Andrew Lansley who claimed that cancer care on NHS lags behind other developed countries because Labour wasted billions of pounds on PFI schemes and inflated salaries.

According to the Times,the Prime Minister is going to be forced to choose between EU and the City.The paper says that José Manuel Barroso, the President of the European Commission, told David Cameron to choose between protecting the City of London and retaining Britain’s clout before a key EU summit next month.

The Daily Express meanwhile tells us that we poured a colossal £18.5billion into EU coffers last year,the equivalent of more than £50million a day.

The Mail on a similar topic reports the comments of energy and climate change secretary Chris Huhne who told the Commons yesterday that families will pay £280 a year in ‘green taxes’ by 2020 to fund the shift to wind, solar and nuclear power but, adds the paper,said his policies mean consumers will actually be better off.

The Telegraph claims that the new 50p higher rate of income tax is set to cost the Government £1 billion a year as wealthier people leave the country or avoid paying the levy

The hunt for the person who leaked details of the RFU's report into England's world cup performance intensified yesterday.

The Times which broke the story says that Judge Jeff Blackett, the RFU’s chief disciplinary officer, is to appoint an independent investigator to handle the inquiry and deliver his findings within two weeks.

A rebel headteacher is defying union bully boys by drafting in the army to keep her school open during next week's strikes reports the Sun.

The head of the Ormiston Victory Academy in Costessey, Norwich, Rachel de Souza,will use the troops to teach Year 10 pupils about team work and leadership skills.

Finally the news that George Michael is in hospital fighting pneumonia dominates the red tops.

The Star reports that the 48-year-old pop singer-songwriter was seriously ill last night after being rushed to hospital in Austria with pneumonia and possible heart problems.

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