Monday, 7 November 2011

May is off the hook for the time being

It was never going to be easy for the Home Secretary in the Commons this afternoon after a few days of revelations about the UK border agency.

She told a crowded house that UK border force chief Brodie Clark acted "without ministerial sanction" in relaxing controls,at the same time being forced to admit that the numbers of people who entered country without proper checks will remain unknown.

In her statement she reiterated that the decision to relax border controls was "unauthorised but that she had personally authorised a “pilot” project under which some travellers arriving from the European Union were allowed through UK airports without normal checks.

It has also become clear that the Prime Minister was not aware of the project over the summer only realising its implications in the last few years.He has though given his full backing to his Home Secretary ,who has not offered to resign as a result of the controversy.

Enough for her to survive? Well it appears that May has effectively dumped the whole affair on Brodie Clark,but as in the Liam Fox case,more revelations will hurt.

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