Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Manchester's Republic of Energy launches in Piccadilly

Carbon Co-op's proposal for the £100,000 EnergyShare competition is 'People's Republic of Energy',a programme of education, people's assemblies and housing retrofit designed to reduce householders energy usage by up to 80%.

It is Greater Manchester campaign to democratise, popularise and roll out community driven low carbon development. Please vote for us to make our vision a reality.

Using a campaign of people's assemblies, popular education, direct democracy, carbon literacy and energy assessment training, we will equip an army of energy ambassadors with the skills to seed local self supporting groups and gather information on household energy usage in their neighbourhoods.

Ultimately we will create a series of community energy plans and use EnergyShare funds to deliver the first four eco retrofit and renewables show houses around Greater Manchester.

In detail the project will involve:

1. A People's Assembly with attendees from all over Greater Manchester debating how we use energy now and how we can equip ourselves for a low carbon future

2. Training up a series of community based energy assessors we'll profile household energy use in areas around Greater Manchester

3. A second People's Assembly builds a picture of energy use in Greater Manchester and explores practical ways to reduce bills through retrofit and renewable generation

4. Using EnergyShare funds the People's Republic of Energy finance works on four retrofit houses, transforming them into eco-showcase homes

This ambitious project builds on Manchester Carbon Co-op's past three years of detailed research, development and piloting.

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