Monday, 21 November 2011

Lords committee continues its probe into investigative journalism

The House of Lords Communications Committee continues its inquiry into the future of investigative journalism tomorrow when it probes further into issues such as what can be defined as “public interest” and the role of the tabloid press in holding those in power to account.

In the first session,to be held at 3.30, the Committee will focus on the role that the PR industry plays in investigative journalism, techniques used by investigative journalists and how the way that publications instigate or pay for investigative stories may change in the future.

They will hear from Andrew Gilligan, London Editor of the Daily Telegraph and · Phil Hall, former Editor of News of the World

Immediately following, at 4.30, Thompson Reuters will give evidence via video-link from New York. Questions will range from the role of news agencies in investigative journalism to the Insight team of the Sunday Times, where Sir Harold was once Editor.

The witnesses are Sir Harold Evans, Editor at Large of Thomson Reuters, former Editor of the Sunday Times and the Times and Stephen Adler, Editor in Chief of Thomson Reuters

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