Saturday, 12 November 2011

Leaked memo on army cuts,more Euro grief,metal theft and Cocozza's three in the bed-Saturday's papers

Classified documents seen by the Daily Telegraph suggest that wounded soldiers are to be dismissed from the Army under plans to double the number of personnel being made redundant.

The paper says that the internal memo, sent to senior commanders in Afghanistan,discloses that 16,500 personnel will be made redundant by April 2015 as well as stating that 2,500 wounded soldiers, including 350 who have lost limbs, will not be exempt from the extensive cuts.

The Mail leads on the same theme reporting that soldiers will go to the top of the queue for a council house or mortgage when they leave the armed forces.

The paper says that David Cameron said ministers would ‘strain every sinew’ to do more for service personnel and their families

The Euro crisis continues to dominate though.

The Guardian carries the comments of the Prime Minister who has warned that Britain's economy will be hit hard by further turmoil in the eurozone.

Whilst the I simply has the message Praying for a miracle.

Its sister paper meanwhile leads with a report that a landmark ruling yesterday in the High Court that threatens to disrupt the Government's attempts to slash local authority spending.

Campaigners said the judgment, in which the Isle of Wight council's plan to reduce its adult social care budget was ruled unlawful and quashed, should serve as a warning to every council that is planning cuts.

Public safety is being put at “serious risk” by metal thieves who have taken out coastguard communications, disconnected the 999 phone system and disrupted other emergency services reports the Times.

The paper has learnt that the southern coastguard lost communications during a 36-hour period along the Solent after its aerial signals were cut by thieves who stole cable.

The FT reports on the comments of Francis Maude yesterday who has offered public sector unions a peace deal over their planned day of national protest on November 30: strike for a token 15 minutes and we will not dock your pay.

Two topics dear to the Express' heart combine on its front page as the paper reports that a bid by the EU to restrict Britain’s mortgage market would see house prices plummet.

The Sun continues its fascination with X factor revealing that Frankie Cocozza begged two blondes to join him for an orgy.

He told students Becca Hills and Katherine Holland: "Come on, girls, let's have a threesome."
says the paper.

Other stories hitting the headlines this morning include news that Argentina has claimed Prince William’s posting to the Falkland Islands is a “provocative act” with “political content” that cannot be ignored.

The Times adds that the timing has left Argentinian officials bristling, as the Prince’s six-week posting comes shortly before the 30th anniversary of the country’s defeat in the 1982 conflict.

The parliamentary committee investigating phone hacking at the News of the World is expected to heavily criticise Tom Crone, the paper's former lawyer, when it publishes its report into the affair reports the Guardian

Finally the Telegraph carries an interview with Nancy Dell'Olio who tells the paper how amongst many things 'Sven made a mess of his life,her feelings onTony and Cherie, her most recent lover Sir Trevor Nunn and how Silvio Berlusconi tempted her into politics .

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