Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Greek meltdown,more trouble for News International and Hugh is a Dad-this morning's papers

The crisis in the Eurozone continues to dominate the front pages this morning.

Meltdown says the Mail as it reports that Europe was teetering on the edge of disaster last night as fears grew that the Greek government is about to collapse.

The Guardian agrees reporting that Nicolas Sarkozy and Angela Merkel will hold emergency talks today in a desperate attempt to hold the eurozone together.

The crisis follows the Greek decision to hold a referndum on the agreed deal for its debts which has resulted in George Papandreou's socialist government being on the brink of collapse.

The Times adds that markets around the world took fright with theFTSE 100 dropped more than 2 per cent as well as government borrowing costs surging across Europe, with Italy’s bond yield hitting a dangerous 6.2 per cent, close to the 7 per cent mark that triggered bailouts in Ireland, Greece and Portugal.

The scandal at News International returns to the front pages.The Independent reports that secret internal documents kept by the organisation reveal that executives knew three years ago that there was "overwhelming" evidence of senior journalists' involvement in phone hacking.

The Telegraph meanwhile returns to St Paul's revealing that the Archbishop of Canterbury has thrown his weight behind the St Paul’s Cathedral anti-capitalist protesters as he called for a new tax on bank.

According to the paper

Dr Rowan Williams said that the Church of England had a “proper interest in the ethics of the financial world” and warned that there had been “little visible change in banking practices” following the recession.

We are set for Arctic blizzards according to the Express this morning.The paper says that the country faces a sudden shivering end to the exceptionally warm late autumn with temperatures plunging towards Siberian levels.

Hugh Grant is a dad at the age of 51 reports the Mirror last night telling of his joy after a Chinese actress he had a fling with gave birth to his love child.

Finally the Sun reports that the stepdad of Towie sisters Sam and Billie Faiers has been arrested and charged over a £1million gold bullion heist.

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