Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Government Must Widen The Participation Of Local Councils In Community Budgets

The Local Government association (LGA) is warning that community budgets can be a catalyst for economic regeneration and growth in local communities but that opportunity could be missed if the community budget programme is not extended beyond just four councils.

The LGA say that community budgets can actually drive the government’s localism agenda as they would be decided at the community level based on its own needs and opportunities.

The current model of decision making in remote Whitehall could be turned on its head with this model.

last week the Communities and Local Government Committee in Parliament issued a report arguing that much more could be done to boost regeneration in communities, calling on the Government to "maximise the contribution of community budgets to regeneration and lead the way with a joined-up approach at national level."

Early pilots of community budgets to help families with challenging needs have proved very effective and this approach could be replicated for many other policies. Not only were substantial savings found in these pilots, but the levels of service on offer to families improved significantly too.

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