Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Gaffes galore on the road to the Republican nomination

It is at least to me rather worrying that America's Republican candidates a) appear so gaffe prone and b)have rather a superficial grasp of the world.

The latest to pin his colours to the mask is former pizza executive Herman Cain,already dogged by allegations of sexual malpractice who last night seemed uncertain as to President Obama's policy towards Libya.

Asked whether he agreed with President Obama’s handling of the Libya crisis, Cain appeared dumbstruck by the question. After 19 seconds of consideration, he asked: “President Obama supported the uprising, correct?”

He is not alone.At the weekend Rick Perry whose ratings in the primaries are dropping like a stone.

During the debate he could not remember which government agencies he would abolish. His response to the question was “I would do away with the Education, the Commerce and — let’s see — I can’t. The third one, I can’t. Sorry. Oops.” The third agency was Energy.

Perry is promising to relaunch his campaign today with a major policy announcement.

Cain,meanwhile is facing further fallout from the allegations of sexual harassment as a former boyfriend of one of his accusers,Dr. Victor Zuckerman, a pediatrician who said he was a registered Republican, described at a news conference how Ms. Bialek related details of the encounter after it occurred in 1997.

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