Sunday, 27 November 2011

The economy,public sector strikes,starving Britain,Lib Dems turning to Oxfam and the shamless Dad from Dundee-Sunday papers

The economic doom descending across the country is the topic of many of the Sunday's this morning.

Britain faces six years of misery is the headline in the Sunday Times as the paper reports that the OBR which initially forecast that the structural deficit would be eliminated by 2014-15,will this week say the target will be met only if Osborne maintains the real-terms freeze on spending until 2017.

The Observer tells us that the Chancellor is to cap rail-fare rises for commuters and cut the cost of borrowing for small businesses in his autumn statement

Whilst the Telegraph says that the Chancellor is preparing a package of help for the “squeezed middle” with moves to help commuters, motorists and small businesses.

The same paper meanwhile carries a survey which suggests that rising prices are voters' main concern over the economy.

The survey was commissioned by Lord Ashcroft, the former deputy Conservative chairman and also found that the chancellor would make more political headway by concentrating on measures to help keep prices down as more and more "squeezed middle" families struggle to cope with higher bills.

Starving Britain says the front page of the Express which reports that desperate families are facing a Dickensian Christmas with at least 100,000 Britons relying on food parcels because they can’t afford to eat.

This week's public sector strikes feature heavily too.The Observer reports the comments of Brendan Barber who has accused ministers of "deliberately misrepresenting" the income public sector workers will receive in retirement.

Whilst the Independent carries an interview with the shadow chancellor Ed Balls who amongst other things blames David Cameron and fellow ministers for engineering the confrontation.

The shadow chancellor also tells the paper that he could see a new coalition forming, from dissenting Tory MPs, through Lib Dem cabinet ministers and MPs to Labour calling for more radical steps to stimulate growth.

On the topic of political realignment,the Mail on Sunday reports that Nick Clegg has launched a secret drive to ‘rebrand’ the Liberal Democrats to avert disaster at the next Election.

Part of the strategy says the paper is that they should try to model themselves on the Third World charity Oxfam.

To the tabloids and the Sunday Mirror reports on the arrest of Michale Barrimore who has been charged with cocaine possession after he was involved in an early-hours car crash earlier in the week.

The People has found the most shameless dad in the land whi is today expecting the birth of his 16th child,with 14 different mums.

Jobless Jamie Cumming, 34, was called a “predator” by his own ­mother over his latest fling.
which the paper says is a teenager who cannot be named for legal reasons, but was in labour last night.

Elsewhere the Sunday Times reports on the plot behind the summer arrest of former IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

The paper says that he was a victim of a conspiracy to hack into his mobile phone to steal secrets that would wreck his election bid.

An attack by Nato aircraft on Pakistani troops that allegedly killed as many as 28 soldiers and looks set to further poison relations between the US and Pakistan was an act of self-defence,says the Observer

The Telegraph meanwhile claims that members of the Taliban who give up their fight are being paid £100 a month and will be allowed to keep their guns in a new initiative to end the insurgency.

And the Independent reports that soldiers' deaths in roadside bomb attacks on Land Rovers in Iraq, and then Afghanistan, led defence officials to run tests that exposed the vehicles as 'mobile coffins'. But troops were still forced to use them after the tests with lethal results

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