Wednesday, 2 November 2011

106 year old's life story to be told by carer

A brilliant story from the South Coast.

An Age UK carer has helped a 106-year-old lady to write her life story and raise cash for charity.

Barbara Warburton, from Bexhill, who is one of Age UK's Befriending Service volunteers, first met Margaret Rosina Perring in 2007 and soon realised she had quite a story to tell.

She decided to help Margaret to document her experiences by ghost-writing a booklet of her memoirs, creating a fascinating collection of experiences and historical events ranging from early on in the last century to today.

Barbara described Margaret as a 'wonderful independent lady', revealing that she still lives at home and uses knitting and crochet to keep her busy.

'She is very bright and has a good memory. The words written in the booklet are straight from Margaret,' she said.

She added: 'Younger people don't realise how interesting older people can be. The book's a piece of social history.'

Age UK has printed Margaret's Life Story, with the first 200 copies having sold out.

More copies will soon be available at Bexhill and Battle Age UK charity shops.

Joe Pepper, befriending co-ordinator for Age UK, said Margaret is an inspiration to others: 'She has a remarkable spirit and is very determined to enjoy her life. She's an incredible role model.'

Source-Age UK

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