Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Tory divisions open once again over Europe

Two questions at PMQ's and now it seems Tory backbenchers are revolting once again over a European referedum.

David Cameron made it very clear earlier today that he will not be giving the option on a vote as to whether we should stay in Europe despite being threatened with the ghosts of Mrs Thatcher and Winston Churchill.

Now it appears that, at least, according to the London Evening Standard,50 Tories are expected to defy the whip if party chiefs demand they oppose a vote on links with Brussels next week.

On top of that says the paper,

the Standard has been told that ministerial aides could resign to back a referendum in the Commons vote next Thursday.
A cross-party coalition has secured a debate calling on the Government to hold a referendum on Europe giving voters three options: to leave the EU, remain a member on existing terms, or re-negotiate membership towards a trade-based relationship.

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