Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Struck off by your GP,and the perils of fish pedicures-This morning's papers

Both the Independent and the Mail lead with the story that patients are being banned by their GPs simply for making minor complaints.

The Mail says that entire families are being unfairly removed from practice lists and barred from making appointments following trivial disagreements with doctors or staff.

Whilst the Independent reports that the tough "one strike and you're out" approach led to a 6 per cent rise in complaints to the Health Service Ombudsman about patient removals last year, which accounted for more than one in five of all complaints about GPs.

An NHS theme also for the Guardian this morning which reports that £20bn in a savings drive is affecting frontline hospital patients despite pledge they would be protected

Evidence gathered by the paper reveals amongst other things that birth centres are closing, patients are being denied pain-relieving drugs and leaflets advising parents how to prevent cot death have been scrapped.

Both the Times and the Telegraph return to the subject of Liam Fox.The latter says that the official report to be published tomorrow will not identify those who funded Dr Liam Fox’s self-styled adviser.

The Times meanwhile reveals that it has emerged that Israeli officials shared sensitive intelligence on Iran with Liam Fox’s best man because they believed that Adam Werritty was an official adviser to the former Defence Secretary.

Fish foot virus bombshell is the headline in the Sun which claims that officials warned last night that trendy fish pedicures could spread HIV and hepatitis C

Finally back to the NHS and the Express reports that a weekly jab which will end the misery of twice a day injections for millions of diabetes sufferers has been approved for use on the NHS.

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