Friday, 7 October 2011

Sir Howard in a bullish mood over stadium criticism

Manchester City Council's chief executive Sir Howard Bernstein has hit back at the news earlier in the week that he had sold the rights to Manchester City's Etihad stadium down the river.

According to the Business Desk he told Chris Barrie its editor

that critics should instead be looking at the amount of money the Olympics and Wembley Stadium have received from the public purse,and the fact that neither had generated "a single penny in return."

He said: "The stadium that we built for the Commonwealth Games cost around £120m, and we have generated, and continue to generate a significant return from that investment.

"The question should not be about whether Howard should've got an extra thirty or forty grand,but that not one other sports-led investment project has generated a single penny.

Sir Howard is accused over giving the richest football club in the world,naming rights to the East Manchester development which will cost it just £4m a year for the next 10 years.

According to Sir Howard,the media coverage of this is borne out of jealousy.

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