Saturday, 22 October 2011

Saturday's papers-Gaddafi's golden gun,European chaos and X Factor chaos

Recriminations continue about the death of Colonel Gaddafi this morning with the Telegraph reporting that Libya's rebel army has been accused of executing both Colonel Muammar Gaddafi and his son Mutassim in cold blood as the United Nations suggested their deaths amounted to war crimes.

The Times claims that the Libyan dictator had been killed with his own favoured golden gun by a young man.

The source, who asked to remain anonymous, was told that Gaddafi was carrying the gun when he was captured on Thursday in a culvert after a Nato airstrike on his convoy. Appearing to be in shock, he is said to have asked his captors: “What’s wrong, chaps?”

The Independent though leads with Libya as it reporter Kim Sengupta visits the temporary resting places for the former dictator and his son.

The blood had been washed off and the faces, eyes shut, were in repose. But the terrible wounds of the last violent moments were left uncovered by the shrouds of white cloth that had been hastily thrown over them

Europe meanwhile returns to the front pages.The Guardian says that in an interview with the paper,Ed Miliband has attacked David Cameron for not seeking a place at next week's crucial eurozone summit, describing the crisis in the single currency region as a "hugely dangerous moment for the world"

Meanwhile the Express reveals that a poll published exclusively in their paper reveals today.75 per cent of Britons would vote in a referendum to quit the EU or renegotiate the terms.

The Mail leads with a health story as the latest advice from the medical profession suggests that drinkers should have three alcohol-free days a week if they want to avoid the risk of liver disease.

The Sun leads with the royals,claiming that Prince Harry is romancing a sexy Californian cocktail waitress.He shared passionate kisses with tattooed Jessica Donaldson, 26,a Kate Middleton lookalike,while dating her in San Diego says the paper.

The Mirror returns to the subject of X factor reporting that Simon Cowell has warned its judges that they face the axe over plummeting viewing figures

A story which also is the lead in the Star which says that judge Gary Barlow has revealed that behind the scenes the show is in complete chaos.

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