Sunday, 30 October 2011

Royal Mail denies Mail on Sunday's allegations

The Royal Mail have categorically denied this morning's top Mail on Sunday story that it had stopped giving first class mail priority over second class on Saturdays.

The Mail's article said that customers had been needlessly putting first class stamps on post that has been treated the same as second class,making millions for Royal Mail since the changes were "secretly introduced" in July.

The exclusive said that it had seen a confidential document circulated to managers in mail centres, which says: "Second class traffic posted Friday and Saturday will be processed along with first class posted Saturday, using Saturday first class labels."

However the Royal Mail has hit back at the allegations

Its spokesman David Simpson said: "The Mail on Sunday is completely wrong to state that Royal Mail has 'stopped giving priority' to first class mail on Saturdays. The opposite is the truth. First class mail always has the priority over second class mail at all times.

"There has been no change at all in the service specification for first and second class mail. While we are committed to excellent service for all our mail, first class mail is our priority; we do everything possible to deliver it the next working day. The specification for second class mail is still to deliver it within three working days after posting.

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