Wednesday, 19 October 2011

The papers-King's warning,tax blunders and a vaccine for malaria

A mixed bag of front pages this morning.

The Telegraph leads with the comments of the Governor of the Bank of England who said yesterday that Britain is at risk from a fundamental crisis in the world economy and “time is running out” to solve it.

In a sobering assessment of the world economy, Sir Mervyn warned that even if world leaders managed to agree on emergency moves to support the banking system and debt-stricken economies such as Greece, they would still not have averted the threat to global stability.

Both the Mail and the Express stay on the subject of finance.Seven million caught in huge tax blunder is the Mail's headline as it reports that whilst six million of them will receive letters in coming weeks saying they have overpaid and can expect £2.5billion back,a further 1.2million, including more than 150,000 pensioners, face the shock of being told they did not pay enough. On average, they will have to find £600 each.

Meanwhile the Express says that on the back of yesterday's inflation figures,pensioners will see their allowance lifting incomes by at least £276 a year.

The Times reports that plans for a compulsory register for “professional” lobbyists will be published next month and are so widely drawn that they will cover not only big lobbying businesses that act for private clients, but almost any organisation that tries to make a case to government.

Medicines are in crisis after a ruling by the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg over stem cell research says the Independent.

researchers have condemned a Europe-wide ban on the patenting of stem cell inventions derived from human embryos – setting back possible new treatments for a range of disorders, from heart disease and diabetes to blindness and Parkinson's.

Medical matters also make the front of the Guardian which reports that researchers are 'on the cusp' of a vaccine after widescale African trial shows the risk of malaria cut in half.

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