Sunday, 30 October 2011

The horrors of Halloween

I have a personal confession to make.I hate halloween.

I view it as the worst of Americanism imported into this country on the back of kid's programmes celebrating Trick and Treat,a festival that I cam cetainly not remember being around when I was growing up.

Christopher Howse writing in the Telegraph this morning agrees.

Here is a snippet

For deprived households of the kind between which on television John Humphrys is currently shuttling in his nice BBC car, Hallowe’en, like Christmas, is “for the kiddies”. Where once families would rather have starved than see a dead consumptive child buried in a pauper’s grave, single mothers now fear to offend the taboo that decrees their podgy children must squeeze into shop-bought costumes before demanding treats at the front doors of the neighbouring unemployed.

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