Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Government's “schizophrenic attitude" to climate change

Labour’s Shadow Energy and Climate Change Secretary Caroline Flint has said that David Cameron's promise of the ‘greenest government ever’ is unravelling by the day.

Flint was responding to a report by the Environmental Audit Committee which criticised the Government’s “schizophrenic attitude" to climate change and warned it is undermining investor confidence in low-carbon industries.

Flint said:"This report exposes the chaos and confusion at the heart of the Tory-led Government’s energy policy – and the threat it poses to our carbon targets, our energy security and fair energy prices for families."

The committee warned that the promise to review the decision on the fourth carbon budget in 2014, potentially relaxing it if Europe was not making similar efforts, risked throwing efforts to cut emissions off course.

MP's also attacked the self-styled "greenest Government ever" for failing to adopt all the recommendations of the Climate Change Committee, including tightening of the second and third budgets up to 2020.

The report follows the somewhat contradictory message from the Chancellor last week who told his party conference that the UK would cut emissions no faster than others in Europe, and that environmental measures would not be at the expense of British business.

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