Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Government's Nuclear programme gets the green ligh post Fukushima

There is no reason to curtail the operation of the UK's nuclear operating sites in the wake of the events at the Fukushima power station in March this year.

That is the final conclusion of the report by the Chief Nuclear Inspector, Dr Mike Weightman which was submitted to Parliament today.

Energy Secreatry Chris Huhne said that “The report makes clear that the UK has one of the best nuclear safety regimes in the world and that nuclear power can go on powering homes and businesses across the UK, as well as supporting jobs." adding

“We must, however, continue to improve where we can, not just with operating power stations and new sites but by dealing with our nuclear legacy in a robust and effective manner too."

Following the publication of interim findings in May, the Government signalled that a new generation of UK nuclear power plants, which ministers say are necessary to keep the lights on and cut carbon, was on track.

The Government has also confirmed eight sites it believes are suitable for new nuclear plants, all of which are adjacent to existing reactors.

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