Friday, 21 October 2011

Friday's papers-Mad dogs tyrants,Europe imploding

One story not surprisngly dominates the front pages and maybe it's the Sun's headline which sums it up the best

That’s for Lockerbie, Gaddafi And for Yvonne Fletcher. And IRA Semtex victims says the paper as it reports that ruthless tyrant Colonel Muammar Gaddafi lies dead, after the 270 victims of the Lockerbie bombing he orchestrated were finally avenged.

End of a tyrant says the Independent.

In the end the death of Muammar Gaddafi, the Libyan dictator who had seemed to slip from the grasp of the rebels who forced him out of power, was as undignified and brutal as those of so many of his enemies over the years.
The Guard

The Guardian says that he was born in Sirte, and when he became the ruler of all Libya, he transformed it from an insignificant fishing village into the country's sprawling second city. On Thursday, after a brutal,and ultimately hopeless,last stand, it was the place where he died.

No mercy for the merciless tyrant says the Telegraph quoting the irony that Gaddafi had often referred to his enemies as “vermin” as he vowed to hunt them down alley by alley or die trying.

The Times adds that Death came to Gaddafi, the man who dubbed himself the King of Kings, at the hands of a youth wearing a New York Yankees baseball cap and a T-shirt emblazoned with the word Love.

“He shouted ‘Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot!’ ” said Mohammed el-Bibi who had helped to flush the deposed Libyan leader out of a drainpipe. But the bullets came anyway and an eight-month war in the desert came to an end with a pool of blood in the sand.

Don't shoot is the Mail's headline as it reports the final humiliation for the man who had so brutally ruled Libya for 42 years came when he was hauled from his hiding place in a sewer.

The same headline is on the front page of the Mirror as it adds 69-year-old Mad Dog’s pleas fell on deaf ears and the seething Libyan gunmen dragged him from the pipe, battered him senseless then executed him with shots to his legs and head at 8.30am.

Away from Libya,the Independent reports that Europe is in disarray over the Euro crisis wiith France and Germany divided. Their leaders admit that the 'make-or-break' meeting has no chance of success as a second summit is convened for next week

That story also features heavily in the Guardian which reports that Merkel and Sarkozy are at loggerheads over the French proposal for a bailout fund to become $2tn 'bank' overseen by ECB

The news that ETA have announced a “definitive cessation” to its campaign of violence is widely reported.The Telegraph says it could be an end to a four decade campaign that has claimed more than 800 lives.

The other story relegated from the front pages is the growing rebellion amongst Tory MP's over the vote on a European referendum.The Times reports that David Cameron is facing more than half a dozen resignations as a third of his backbenchers lined up to insist on an imminent referendum on Britain’s links with the European Union in this Parliament.

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