Thursday, 6 October 2011

A Fox,A Werrity and the Atlantic

Relegated to the inside pages has been the sniff of scandal overshadowing defence Secretary Liam Fox.

The Guardian picked up yesterday that Atlantic Bridge, a pro-Atlanticist propaganda organisation set up by Fox with Lady Thatcher as its patron, was dissolved as a charity at the end of last month in the light of a critical report from the Charities Commission.

Not only that but George Osborne, William Hague and Michael Gove were amongst its advisory board members.

It had already been suspended for promoting Conservative party policies in defiance of regulations prior to the charity commission move.

On top of all that controversy,Mr Fox is facing further criticism that he had put national security at risk by allowing a close friend to present himself as an official adviser.

The close friend is 33 year old Adam Werritty a defence consultant and former health company director who was its sole employee and questions are beng asked about just how close his relationship was with both Mr Fox and the government's defence policy.

Certainly this story could run and run especially now that Labour's Jim Murphy, the shadow defence secretary, John Mann and Kevan Jones are vigourosly following up the story

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