Sunday, 9 October 2011

Clock ticking for Fox

One doubts whether Liam Fox's phone has stopped ringing since yesterday morning with Tory Party grandees trying to get to the root of his relationship with Adam Werritty

The Sunday's give little comfort to the defence secretary even after David Cameron's ordering of the initial findings of an MoD inquiry into Werritty's role as a self-styled adviser to Fox to be presented to him on Monday.

The Observer has footage of Fox's former flatmate meeting the president of Sri Lanka with Fox for a meeting in a London hotel last year, despite having no role in government and emails that suggest that far from being the chance meeting in Dubai that Fox had claimed,Fox's friend had been trying to fix up such a meeting since April.

You're a liar says the Mail on Sunday claiming that Labour's shadow defence secretary Jim Murphy

says Dr Fox gave him a personal assurance that the Dubai meeting, where the Defence Secretary discussed a potential arms deal, was all above board and that a Ministry of Defence mandarin had been present

Fox meanwhile told the Sunday Telegraph that

"I have absolutely no fear of complete transparency in these matters. I think there are underlying issues behind these claims and the motivation is deeply suspect."

The pressure though mounts as Ursula Brennan, permanent secretary at the Ministry of Defence, has been given 48 hours to produce an interim report on Werritty’s activities that will be handed to O’Donnell, the cabinet secretary, tomorrow and then based to the Prime Minister.

So just how safe is he? Despite No 10 having given him his full backing,these revelations of untruths and misrepresentations may leave David Cameron with no choice but to move him aside

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