Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Albert Square event this Saturday invites Mancunians to get involved

All residents of Greater Manchester's residents are being invited to the GMP ♥ MCR Community Event this Saturday 29th October in Albert Square.

The event will run from 11am until 3pm and aims to encourage people to become part of the Key Individual Networks (KINs), a valuable part of neighbourhood policing.

A KIN is made up of members of the community who have an interest in their local area and keeping it safe. The majority of members have access to their own network of local people, which they use in keeping communities informed of what police are doing.

The square will be taken over for the day by many different parts of GMP.

The Tactical Aid Unit, search dogs, police horses, modern and vintage police cars, the Force band, the Kickz project, information on Automatic Number Plate Recognition and crime prevention will be there, alongside representatives from each division, who will be ready to talk to the public and get people involved.

GMP will also be joined by Manchester City Council who are holding a special thank you event at Manchester Town Hall to thank volunteers who helped the city get back on its feet after August's disturbances.

The City Council will also be providing information about the wide range of volunteering opportunities available to members of the public who want to help turn their neighbours into better places. This includes the Community Guardians scheme, which supports residents in becoming more actively engaged in their local area, through a variety of community-led events and projects,

Superintendent Stuart Ellison said: “KINs are made up of local people who can do as little as forwarding on crime prevention messages by email, or as much as attending community meetings and helping to decide priorities on behalf of local residents.

“We are trying to increase the amount of community contacts in every area of Greater Manchester and I am hoping this event will help to do that. 100,000 people visit Manchester City Centre every day, so I’m hoping we can target those people and get them involved.

“Everyone is welcome at the event and I hope people will leave with a better understanding of what the police do and an idea of how they may be able to help us.”

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