Thursday, 22 September 2011

The truth about those tax inspectors

If you were curious about Danny Alexander's extra 2,250 tax inspectors announcement,you would be correct to question exactly what is going on.

HM Revenue and Customs has revealed this morning that £35bn of tax went uncollected between 2009-10.

The sum,you will be glad to know is less than the previous year,£5b, but still makes up 7.9 per cent of the amount of money that should have been collected.

Now the FT's Sue Cameron has spilt the beans

What the minister said was that “an additional 2,250 staff will move into new anti-evasion and avoidance jobs”. In plain English, existing HMRC staff will move from their present jobs to work on tax evasion by the rich in a new “affluent” unit. Mr Alexander told the Lib Dems that “this month over 1,000 of these jobs are being advertised”. And so they are – all of them internally. (No, I wouldn’t dream of describing him as Duplicitous Danny. He is just dexterous with words.) Meanwhile, the cull of HMRC staff from the present 66,000 to 56,000 in 2014/15 continues.

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