Thursday, 29 September 2011

Traffic accidents continue to fall

Government statistics out this morning show that road traffic accidents continue to fall.

In 2010,there were a total of 208,648 casualties of all severities in road accidents reported to the police, 6 per cent lower than in 2009.

1,850 people were killed, 17 per cent lower than in 2009 and 22,660 were seriously injured, down 8 per cent.

Motor vehicle traffic fell by 2 per cent over the same period.

It was estimated that 9,700 reported casualties (5 per cent of all road casualties) occurred when someone was driving whilst over the legal alcohol limit.

The provisional number of people estimated to have been killed in drink drive accidents was 250 (14 per cent of all road fatalities).

Failure to look was the most stated reason for accidents reported to the police,accounting for 40 per cent of all accidents.

It is estimated that road accidents cost the economy around £15 billion.

The trend continues to fall.Compared with the 1994-98 average.Despite traffic levels continuing to increase by around 13 per cent

 The number killed was 48 per cent lower;
 The number of reported killed or seriously injured casualties was 49 per cent lower;
 The number of children killed or seriously injured was 64 per cent lower; and
 The slight casualty rate was 32 per cent lower.

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