Monday, 26 September 2011

Pendle's residents in music festival uproar-or more angry local people

Don't you just love the local newspapers?

This is a brilliant piece from the Lancashire Telgraph's Jon Livesy on how Pendle locals were kept awake by the sounds blaring from a music festival over the weekend.

The Small Trees Festival, which featured a number of DJs, was held in a field opposite Trawden Recreation Ground, on Friday and Saturday nights.
Adrian Lord was granted a Temporary Event Notice for the event from Pendle Council after he suggested it would be a ticketed private party for less than 490 people.
So people who live nearby were shocked when a handful of large tents were pitched on Friday, with music blaring out until 1am on both nights.
Jacqui King, who lives half a mile away in Leyland Close, said she could hear the noise from inside her home, which is double-glazed.

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