Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Our Syrian ambassador blogs

Thanks to Andrew Sullivan for highlighting this brilliant blog from our ambassador out in Syria.

Simon Collis,after being in the post for the last four years decided to blog to mark six months since the unrest and violent suppression began against the rule of President Assad.

He writes maybe to spark some debate about what comes next and what can be done.

The Syrian regime doesn’t want you to know that its security forces and the gangs that support them are killing, arresting and abusing mostly peaceful protesters: The UN says over 2,700 people have died in the last six months, some of them under torture in prison. It doesn’t want you to know that it is preventing many from meeting peacefully to discuss reform. It wants you to hear only one version of the truth – its own. And to see only one way out – the return to authoritarian rule where fear surpasses a desire for freedom. This is a regime that remains determined to control every significant aspect of political life in Syria. It is used to power. And it will do anything to keep it.

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