Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Lancashire Crumbly-the king of cheeses?

Lancashire's cheeses get a mention here in this Guardian food blog which asks which is the true king of cheese.

Matthew Fort writes that

uch a wealth of cheeses, such a richness of choice. But is there another cheese with the range of Lancashire? Creamy or crumbly, tasty or mild, it's pale, ivory white. Bite, and it breaks into small, firm, rounded curds with a bit of a ting and a bit of a tang and a bit of a hey nonny no.
It's not a wham-bam cheese; Lancashire is a cheese for today, for tomorrow, and for the day after that. A cheese for cheese's sake, a cheese to go with an apple (very nice), with chutney (very, very nice), and with an Eccles cake (very nice indeed). A cheese, even, to stand up to the rough and tumble of toasting. It's a cheese of people and place, is Lancashire, and there's nowt to match it.

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