Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Tuesday's papers

One set of photos dominates the front pages as the Sun reveals the hillers of Baby P

more than two YEARS after the tragic tot's death.
They are his monster mum, Tracey Connelly, 28, and her sadistic Nazi-loving boyfriend Steven Barker, 33.

The Mail explains that

Connelly, 28, is a sex-obsessed slob who viciously attacked two of her other children while she helped to cover up her son's months of abuse.
Her lover Steven Barker, 33, is a sadistic neo-Nazi who raped a two-year-old girl, tortured his own grandmother and is suspected of sex attacks on other children.
And their 'lodger' Jason Owen, 37 - who is in fact Barker's older brother - is a crack cocaine addict and convicted arsonist who was accused of raping a girl of 11.

Whilst the Guardian explains that the

ruling by a high court judge who said it was a necessary move to maintain public confidence in the judicial system.

And the Independent says that

Despite Connelly and Barker's names and pictures appearing on the internet almost a year ago, a High Court order has prevented the press from identifying them. That order expired at midnight last night. It was made partly because of the need for their names to be kept secret to ensure they received a fair trial for a subsequent offence.

The Telegraph says that the pair will be given new identities at taxpayers’ expense and lifetime protection from the threat of exposure

The Times carries the pictures on its front page but leads with the news that

Buy-one, get-one-free offers could be banished from supermarket shelves under a government plan to reduce Britain’s food waste mountain.

Finally the Express reports that families

face a council tax bombshell after local authorities revealed the recession has slashed their income by £4billion.

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