Tuesday, 4 August 2009

Tuesday's papers

Profits and bonuses at banks are the main topic in this morning's papers

Bank bosses were adamant yesterday that they would continue to pay seven-figure bonuses to workers, describing them as "essential if we want people to work in our industry".
They also claimed that high-calibre graduates were starting to think twice about working in the financial services industry because of the growing backlash against bankers.
says the Independent

The Times reports that

Three investment bankers at Barclays have been guaranteed two years’ worth of bonuses, despite rules recommending that such deals be banned. Barclays Capital, its investment arm, has also hired about 200 financiers, guaranteeing their bonuses for a year.

Whilst the Guardian says that

As criticism of bonuses crossed the traditional political divide, the banks compared their high-flyers to footballers and Hollywood stars to try to explain the need for the hundreds of thousands of pounds individuals are expected to receive this year.

The Express though sees hope ahead reporting that the economy bounced back spectacularly yesterday with shares soaring and the pound on a 10-month high against the dollar.

And as banks reported huge profits even the beleaguered manufacturing industry was rallying.

A different bonus culture in the Mail which reports family doctors are earning up to £380,000 a year

They are being paid more than £200 an hour for evenings and weekends - work they did for free before the bungled introduction of a new contract in 2004. Six years ago GPs were paid around £70,000.

The Telegraph reveals that new guidelines on assisted suicide will apply to people who help their loved ones die in Britain as well as to those who help them die abroad

Keir Starmer, the head of the Crown Prosecution Service, is to clarify whether people should be prosecuted for aiding a suicide following a landmark ruling by the Law Lords last week.
reports the paper

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