Friday, 7 August 2009

Friday's papers

Madeleine McCann returns to the front pages as the Sun reports that

A WOMAN who looks like Victoria Beckham went to a marina to take delivery of a child just 72 hours after Madeleine McCann was kidnapped, it emerged yesterday.

The Express adds that

Investigators yesterday issued an urgent appeal for information about the well-dressed woman, who was seen acting in an “agitated” manner at the waterfront in Barcelona on May 7, 2007. She was pacing up and down outside a popular restaurant at the city’s Olympic Marina at 2am. When approached, she asked the British man in an Australian accent: “Are you here to deliver my new daughter?”

Another face on the front pages,the Train robber Ronnie Biggs as the Mail reports that

Jack Straw last night performed an extraordinary U-turn over the fate of Ronnie Biggs.
He granted the Great Train Robber his freedom only a month after ruling he was a 'wholly unrepentant' criminal who should die in jail.

The economy meanwhile is the main story for the Times which reports that

The Bank of England announced that it would pump another £50 billion into the economy to ensure continued recovery.
The move defied market expectations and put a dampener on hopes for a swift economic upturn.

Experts said it signalled that the British economy was “not yet out of the woods”. The decision came as more of a surprise because there was an influx of positive economic news in the past week, including a prediction that house prices may finish the year higher than they started it, that the manufacturing and services sectors are growing again and that share prices have regained much of the ground lost in the past year.
adds the Telegraph

Back to swine flu in the Guardian which reports that it has learnt that

All 8.5 million pupils in the UK would be immunised against swine flu at immunisation posts in every school, under plans being studied by ministers,

Finally the Independent reports on a secret deal to keep the Afghan President in power

Hamid Karzai, is trying to cut a secret deal with one of his rivals to knock out his leading contender and ensure a decisive victory to avoid the chaos that a tight result might unleash.

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