Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Tuesday's papers

The Independent reveals that the government is £22b down on tax receipts as the recession bites.

The paper reports that

Tax receipts have plunged by £22bn in 12 months, dramatically increasing the likelihood of large-scale tax rises and spending cuts.

The Mail describes today as a Good day to bury £32bn of bad news:

A blizzard of bad news was slipped out by the Government last night - as MPs prepare for their 82-day summer holiday.
It included the worst slump in tax revenues since the 1920s.
A report from auditors identified a catastrophic slide in the Government's tax take, amounting to as much as £32billion last year.

Meanwhile the Times reports that

More voters trust the Conservatives than Labour on public spending, according to a poll that severely undermines Gordon Brown’s election plans.
adding that

The exclusive Populus poll for The Times shows that four in five voters believe that significant cuts in public spending are inevitable after the next election, regardless of who wins.

According to the Telegraph David Cameron is to bring back some of the Tory old guard and will

offer an olive branch to his party’s old guard after the turmoil of the expenses scandal by promoting several of them to senior jobs in his government if the Tories win the next election.

Swine flu continues to dominate the headlines,the Guardian reporting that

Ministers were urged to rethink their policy of keeping schools open through the swine flu pandemic after research showed that a shutdown would curb the spread of infection and limit the number of deaths.

The Express reporting that

MILLIONS of Britons were told yesterday not to go to a doctor if they have swine flu but instead ring a new phoneline – manned by staff with no medical training.

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