Friday, 17 July 2009

Friday's papers

One topic on the front pages of the papers-swine flu

The shock new figures came as it was revealed 29 Brits have died of the disease - an increase of 12 in just the past four days.
says the Sun

The Mail reporting that

A bleak picture of a swine flu pandemic was painted by England's most senior doctor last night.
Chief Medical Officer Sir Liam Donaldson has ordered the NHS to plan for as many as 65,000 deaths - with 350 a day at the peak.

The Express says that

Transport and other public services could be crippled and the NHS faces a potentially catastrophic strain on its already over-stretched resources. Estimates of the eventual death toll range from as few as 3,000 to a staggering 750,000 people.

Whilst the Guardian reports

the cabinet's emergency planning committee, Cobra, is meeting three times a week to prepare for the impact of the rapidly spreading pandemic.

Acccording to the Times

Children under 14 are being hit hardest and the NHS was told to plan for a worst-case scenario of up to half of all children being infected during a first pandemic wave.

The Telegraph adding that

The swine flu outbreak could also cause the economy to contract by as much as five per cent, according to economists from the Oxford Economics consultancy in a report to be published today .

Only the Independent doesn't report on its front page on the pandemic as it leads with From beyond the grave: A prophetic warning of Chechen repression as it publishes a report by Natalya Estemirova, the Russian activist murdered in Chechnya as she investigated human rights abuses

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