Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Tuesday's papers

Spending cuts in the broadsheets,Michael Jackson in the tabloids.

Deceits over cuts will lead to riots says the Telegraph,repeating the words of David Cameron yesterday whom the paper says added to the escalating row over the Government’s spending commitments as the Prime Minister attempted to relaunch his premiership with a series of policy announcements.

According to the Guardian,Brown's plans

to set out a compelling pre-election vision based on enforceable rights for citizens were badly hampered today when the government finally admitted it will not publish future spending plans ahead of the election.

The Times says that the Prime Minister

has raided the health, education and transport budgets to fund 30,000 extra “social” homes in a hastily assembled relaunch heavily influenced by Lord Mandelson.

Meanwhile the Independent warns of a new recession

A continuing drought in bank lending, evidenced in the latest figures from the Bank of England, and the threat that spiralling public borrowing will feed through to higher interest rates and inflation, are judged by international economists to be mortal dangers to a sustained recovery.

The Mail looks at another spending source.Under the headline Frugal Queen dips into reserves to pay for crumbling palaces as it reports that

According to her annual accounts, she had to take an unprecedented £6.4million out of a special reserve fund to boost her Civil List earnings.
But her reputation for frugality was dealt a severe blow by a record £6.5million bill for royal travel including private jets and helicopters.

This was it is the headline in the Sun

HE looks in incredible form strutting his stuff on stage — but two days later Michael Jackson was dead.
as it views a video of a rehersal for his planned tour

A source who watched Jacko’s final rehearsal in LA said: “Michael was in better form than for years.

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