Thursday, 25 June 2009

Thursday's papers

The BBC takes the headlines in both the Telegraph and the Times but for different reasons.

The former reports that the corportation is to tone down the amount of sex and swearing screened following the 9pm watershed, because viewers were dismayed by the moral decline in programme standards.

Whilst the Times reports an expenses row

Days after MPs caused public outrage by blacking out details of their expenses, the BBC is refusing to reveal how much is spent on hospitality and gifts for its best-paid celebrities.

Parliamentary expenses in the Mail as the paper reports that

Married Labour MPs Ann and Alan Keen face having their main home seized by their local council.
The couple, dubbed 'Mr and Mrs Expenses' because of their second home claims, are
said to have left the property empty for months.

The Express says that

GORDON Brown was last night shamed into a humiliating retreat over plans to squeeze yet more cash out of taxpayers to fund MPs’ lavish gold-plated pensions.

According to the Guardian,the Tories are

considering plans to stage a two-day emergency cabinet session soon after the Tories gain power, at which cabinet ministers would be collectively bound into large-scale spending cuts, according to shadow cabinet sources.

The return of blood diamonds says the front page of the Indy as it reports that

Six years ago, the world came together to stop a trade in gems that was fuelling civil war in Africa. Now the architect of the deal has quit, warning that jewels 'have blood all over them' again

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